New Rules For Retail Trade

Turkey regularized the retail sector for the first time directly through the “Law on Regulation of Retail Trade”, published in Official Gazette on January 29, 2015.
The most important innovations of this Law concern mainly opening of retail businesses, transition activities and the closing process. Furthermore; in order to ensure certain standards in the retail trade and prevent unfair competition, the Law establishes some principles and rules on purchase agreements to be concluded between the manufacturer, supplier and retail companies, duration of payments arising from these agreements, premiums and cost claims for the retail companies, sales of retailer’s brand product, campaign and continuing discount sales, shopping festivals, common areas in shopping malls, shelf and space allocation and working hours.
This Law has entered into force as of the publication date and the regulations stipulated by this Law shall be published within nine months through The Ministry of Customs and Trade.
The Companies should reconsider their commercial activities within the framework of this Law and harmonize their activities.
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