Çelikbaş Law Office seeks to provide a modern and peaceful working environment to its employees to achieve results in the most efficient way by focusing on the legal and business needs of its clients. Celikbas Law Office pays attention to the corporate governance structure and processes and scientific research, so that supports their career plans with individual guidance. The legal meetings, academic research and publications highlighting new developments are an integral part of the office’s daily routine with considering participatory governance approach. Personal improvement and development, and developing the team are the most important aspects of the office culture. The Candidate Applications and Interview Processes consisted of different stages execute to get to know our candidate in the best way and to maximize the values of
Çelikbaş Law Office. All candidates for associate must be fluent in written and spoken English. Excellent written and spoken French and German is preferable. Applications are accepted throughout the year and candidates are informed regarding the process.Applications should be sent to .




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